Do You Need to List Microsoft Office on your Resume?

“So Dave, I see that you are proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. It’s obvious that you don’t need to continue reading… You’ve been hired.
No hiring manager has ever said that.
It’s a skill that all adults are expected to have in the 21st Century, and it’s something that hiring managers consider a given. However, if you feel you may want to improve your skills or learn something new, then Microsoft Office training is a good option.
Here are some of the most common scenarios in which Microsoft Office products can increase your chances of landing a new job.
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You should be able to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint if you are starting at the bottom of the company hierarchy.
It’s like a driver’s licence for your computer. If you are unable to use Microsoft Word, operating a company computer is a danger to company documents and electronic records, as well as society.
Your knowledge of Microsoft Word will let your future employer know that your family didn’t raise you.
If the job calls for it.
Recruiters and HR specialists often use an Applicant tracking system, which is software that scans resumes for keywords and discards those with the wrong skills.
Don’t allow your application to be rejected because of your Microsoft Office skills. Be clear and list all Office products that you are familiar with.
A certification could be a great way to prove your Microsoft proficiency. Tell the resume robot about the SPOTO Microsoft Office course completion certificates.
You can use Office software effectively.
Even if they aren’t relevant to your field, some skills are worth showing off. You should show off your knowledge of Word, Excel, Access or any other Office product, whether you have the training or experience.
Share a few details about how Microsoft Office has helped you solve a business problem to show off your brilliance. Take this example:
To keep track of sales orders, inventory, and staff information, I created and maintained a database application with Access and Visual Basic.

For senior management review, I wrote and designed quarterly technical reports using Microsoft Word.

Employers will also notice that you have experience with the more technical products of Microsoft Office Suite, such as Microsoft Exchange Server. This shows that you are capable of trusting your company’s systems and can be trusted to not break them.
You will be working with others.
Microsoft SharePoint is a popular tool for team collaboration used by mid-sized to large companies. If you are comfortable using SharePoint and the job requirements specify that SharePoint knowledge is required but not preferred, you will be a step ahead of your competitors.
The same applies to other Office products. Few employers will train you in Office basics unless they are impressed by your resume and your personality. Let’s face it, no one wants to edit a shared Word document.
If you think you might be that person, you should start training in Microsoft Office right away.

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