How to prepare for the SAP Ariba Integration Exam (C_AR_INT_13).

SAP Ariba Integration – C_AR_INT_13 exam – This exam is for candidates who work with SAP Ariba, or business consultants who wish to develop their career as SAP Ariba Integration consultants. C_AR_INT_13 certification is known for challenging questions. You cannot pass the exam if you have not done extensive preparation. These types of certifications are difficult and can require a lot more effort than a simple preparation. You also need to have strong analytical skills to help you relate the information to a business situation. This certificate will enhance your resume and help you climb the corporate ladder. This certificate will show more professionalism and dedication to your goal.
C_AR_INT_13 Ariba Integration exam is now retired and updated to the C_ARCIG_2102 SAP Ariba Integration with Cloud Integration Gateway
This article will help you prepare for the C_AR_INT_13 exam. This article will provide all the information you need to pass the exam and help you prepare for it. Let’s get started gathering all the information we need to pass the exam.
What is the SAP certified application associate- Ariba Integration exam?
Candidates who are from SAP Ariba, business consulting backgrounds and want to become SAP Ariba Integration consultants can take the C_AR_INT_13 test. The exam measures one’s knowledge and skills in the field of SAP Ariba Integration. C_AR_INT_13 certifies that the candidate has a solid understanding of consulting and can execute projects under the guidance.
C_AR_INT_13 is a difficult exam that is known for asking challenging questions. It is possible to pass the exam if you give your all while studying and are committed to obtaining the certification. These are the main topics covered in the SAP Ariba Integration certification syllabus.
SAP Ariba Products
Suite Integration
Ariba Network Connection
Master Data
Ariba and SAP Systems Integration
Roles and Responsibilities
Integration of Customer External Systems (non SAP)
Let’s now examine the basics of the exam.
Exam overview
The C_AR_INT_13 exam consists 80 multiple-choice questions that must be completed in 180 minutes. Passing marks for the exam are 59%. The C_AR_INT_13 exam costs $585. Prices may vary depending on where you live. After passing the C_AR_INT_13 exam, you will be awarded the “C_AR_INT_13” credential – SAP Certified Application Associate-Ariba Integration. Register for the exam at the official SAP site.
Exam Details
Name of the examSAP Certified Application Associate – Ariba IntegrationCode of the examC_AR_INT_13LevelAssociatePrice$585duration180 minutesNo. Answers to 80 questionsPassing scoreC_AR_INT_13: 59%
Course Outline for SAP Ariba C_AR_INT_13 Exam
The C_AR_INT_13 syllabus is divided into the following modules. These modules require a thorough understanding of the concepts as well as the application of those concepts in the real world. Let’s take a look at the C_AR_INT_13 syllabus in detail. These are the main criteria for evaluating your performance in the exam:
MODULE 1: First, SAP Ariba Products (>12%)
Firstly, describe and define the SAP Ariba products as well as their business case
Secondly, the business process flows for products
Finally, the Ariba Network’s business case.
MODULE 2 – Suite Integration (> 12%)
First, identify the master and transactional information that can be shared across SAP Ariba apps
Next, describe and define the suite integration methods and their use cases. Also, identify the user roles that can potentially be shared.