How to prepare for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam

The ServiceNow Certified Systems Administration certification is your gateway to the ServiceNow learning world. This certification is preceded with CSA training. This makes it easier to pass the exam. You can innovate faster and reach your goals by using classes, certifications, or learning programs. This exam is the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam. It outlines the purpose, audience and testing options. It also covers exam topics. It also outlines the test structure and prerequisites to become a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator.
This blog will cover all aspects of the exam format, topics, useful training and study methods that will help you pass it in one go. Let’s get started with the study guide for ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam.
ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam Manual
The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification certifies that a candidate has the skills and expertise to assist in the configuration, implementation, maintenance, and support of the ServiceNow system. Passing the Certification test establishes a set skills that will allow you to progress through the ServiceNow Certification pathways. It is a prerequisite for advanced classes.
Target Audience
Customers, partners, sales engineers and anyone who is interested in becoming a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator may take the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification exam.
Exam Prerequisite
ServiceNow requires you to complete the following training course in order to sit for the Certified Systems Administrator exam.

After completing ServiceNow Fundamentals, the applicant will be eligible to receive a voucher code for Certified System Administrator. The voucher may require payment.
Industry knowledge of database principles, system administration.
System administrator has access to ServiceNow administration modules and apps.
Candidates must have completed ServiceNow Fundamentals and at least six months ServiceNow experience.
It is beneficial to have knowledge of IT Help Desk protocols, the incident, issue, change workflows, and industry expertise in database principles and system administration.

Exam Format
The System Administrator Certification exam will contain approximately 60 questions that must all be answered within 90 minutes. Each question can have multiple answers. The exam taker will review the responses and select the most accurate answer to the question.
Multiple Choice (single answer)
Each multiple-choice question can have at least four answers. You will need to review the responses and decide which one best answers the question.
Multiple Select (select all applicable)
Each multiple-choice question can have at least four answers. The question will indicate the number of possible responses. You will need to review all the responses and choose the ones that answer the question. Multiple-select questions can have two or more correct answers.
Registering for and Scheduling the Exam
Before registering, attendees will need to read and agree to an End User Agreement.
ServiceNow Certification exams are computer-based multiple-choice exams that are administered by Kryterion, a ServiceNow testing partner. They are proctored. Online proctoring is also possible. Appointments can be made ahead of time or on-the-day depending on availability. Register and sign up for the exam at WebAssessor.
Steps to register
Each candidate must use a vouche to register for the test