Review of the PMI-SP Certification and uCertify Training Course

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This article:
What is the PMISP Scheduling Certification?
What are the PMISP(r) Application Requirements
Overview of the uCertify PMI–SP CourseCourse
Positive things about the course
Some of the courses’ less-than-stellar elements

Is PMISP(r) worth it?
What is the PMI-SP exam like and how long is it?

What is the PMISP Scheduling Certification?
PMI-SP(r), is the PMI Scheduling Professional credential.
This course is for people who have a good understanding of project scheduling. developing, managing, updatingand maintaining schedules. The certification is a great way to show people that you are skilled in that kind of thing.
The exam does not just focus on scheduling. The exam examines scheduling in relation to projectmanagement in the round and vice versa. Therefore, you will need to have a good understanding of project management to pass the exam.
What are the PMISP(r) Application Requirements
If you meet the requirements, you can apply for PMI–SP. These are:
Afour-year degree, plus:3,500hours project scheduling experience

30 contact hours of formal education in project planning

A secondary degree or equivalent plus: 5,000 hours of project scheduling experience

40 contact hours of formal education in project planning

This is a lot to expect from someone with so much experience and formal training in a particular subject. But it is possible. You may be surprised at how much you actually have in your past experience.
The uCertify PMI–SP Course
In exchange for my honest opinion, I was granted short-term access at uCertify PMI -SP.
This course is easy to complete in just a few hours, and it will not take too much time if you already have a good understanding of project management. To ensure you pass the exam, you will need to allow enough time for the knowledge checks and the sample tests. You can bookmark sections of the course, and you can add a confidence level for a topic.
Add a confidence markeruCertify, a PMI Registered EducationProvider, is an option. Here’s my opinion about the course.
Course overview
Lessons three through seven provide the bulk of the teaching material. These lessons cover the PMI-SP exam objectives.
Schedule Strategy
Schedule Planning and Development
Schedule Monitoring and Controlling
Communication Management for Stakeholders

Lesson Eight covers the cross-cuttingknowledge and skills that as a project scheduler, you should know.
The course then covers the schedulemanagement tasks you perform when you are a project scheduler. You will have completed all objectives of the PMI-SP exam.
The last lesson focuses on integrated schedulemanagement and project management processes that impact the schedule. This is helpful because it gives the material a real life flavor.
I expected more EVM information, but it wasn’t.
Positive aspects of the course
It is very comprehensive. I was surprised to find that I knew more about scheduling than I had expected. The course content is the content from the PMBOK (r) Guide. It won’t be difficult to learn the material if you’re already a PMP (r).
Essential readA Guide To The Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK(R) Guide) (PMBOK[r] Guide)PS53.00A Guide To The Project Management Body of Knowledge, also known as the PMBOK (r) Guide — 6th edition) is essential reading to prepare for the PMI exams.
Amazon: Click this link to make a purchase. No additional cost to you. I liked the mini tests that were provided so you could gauge your understanding.