The PMI Leadership Institute Meeting, and Global Congress North America Roundup

This year’s PMI Leadership Institute Meeting was very active online. It was more than I have ever seen. Here is my selection of the best commentary and articles about the events.
Blog posts
Malcolm Gladwell’s presentation was covered by the official PMI blog. [link removed June 2020, as it’s no more available.]
Robert Prol writes on work/life balance [link removed since June 2020 as it is no longer working] during a business trip to Congress.
Thomas Juli summarizes his experiences and takes away messages from Congress via his blog. His presentation, The 5 Team Leadership Principles to Project Success, can be found on Slideshare.
Watch PMI’s interview of Roberto Toledo, winner of the PMI 2011 Awards Ceremony (link removed 26/5/15 because it’s no more working).
Here’s a video about conflict management in projects, filmed at Congress by Dux Raymond Sy.
Global Knowledge’s photos can be found here
Michele Sliger snapped a picture showing teams participating in an agile planning exercise.
The official photos of PMI are available on Facebook.
Ricardo Viana Vargas created a podcast about Congress.
From me
I also covered the Leadership Institute Meeting and Congress here at A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.
Video diary: Leadership Institute Meeting Day 1
Video diary: Leadership Institute Meeting Day 2
Video diary: Congress Day 1
Video diary: Congress Day 2
Video diary: Congress Day 3
Elyse Nielson’s presentation on Myths about Sponsorship and Malcolm Gladwell’s presentation about Gantthead are both topics I wrote about. I also wrote about Gantthead’s idea of a Results Management Office.
I covered the new PMI ethical decision-making framework, which was discussed at Leadership Institute Meeting. (Updated April 2021: Link removed because it is no longer available).
I wrote about Kris Reynold’s presentation on workplace trends. (Updated April 2021: Link removed because it is no longer available)
David Davis spoke about inspiring your team. I was able to attend that session as well. (Updated April 2021: Link removed because it is no longer available.
What other write-ups, photos, and videos have you seen about the LIM or Congress? Comment below.